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A Structured, Unified Approach to Multi-Core and Many-Core Computing -- with Applications

Parallel computing can be complex, but at the same time there are recurring structural themes in both data and task organization. Michael McCool will present a new software platform technology from Intel, the result of a merger between Ct and RapidMind technology, that supports a high-level, structured approach to parallel computing. This platform technology is well-suited to rapid development by application experts yet can achieve high scalability and good to excellent performance on both multi-core and many-core processors. The structured approach emphasizes serial consistency and deterministic patterns, which improve the maintainability and reliability of programs written using this technology.

In this talk, the programming model and interface of this platform will be explained, followed by several examples drawn from a variety of application areas, including medical imaging (algebraic reconstruction and deformable registration), finance (option pricing and risk analysis!), and graphics (real-time raytracing and advanced shading, including vector-graphics textures).

Michael was a co-founder of RapidMind, which in 2009 was acquired by Intel. Currently he is a Software Architect with Intel and an Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of Waterloo.

The presentation will be delivered via streaming video at http://media.cs.uiuc.edu/live/upcrc0910/upcrc123db94.asxon Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 4:00 PM (Central Time).

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