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American Arium Unveils Linux Debugging Solutions

American Arium announced a hardware-assisted solution for Linux programmers using ARM and Intel XScale systems. Unveiled Tuesday, the debugging tools permit software developers to seamlessly debug full kernel and applications simultaneously.

The company said the new solution, included in Arium's SourcePoint debugger, enables software developers to see their work as it moves from the launch of kernel book code to the application stage.

"One of the most compelling features of this solution is the ability for the user to debug [the] Linux kernel at source level," said Todd Selbo, the firm's product marketing manager, in a statement. "There is immense value to driver and kernel developers to see their source code execute on a line-by-line basis and see inside processor functions.

"This solution provides developers with the ability to perform hardware-assisted debugging to bring us new hardware, while also providing source-level debugging capabilities for the Linux kernel and associated device drivers."

The new debugging solution is included in Arium's SC-1000A or LC-500 JTAG emulators.

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