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American Power Conversion Targets IT, Small Office

Uninterruptible-power-supply manufacturer American Power Conversion has announced a family of products for IT environments and a back-up product for small and home offices.

The firm's VT family is aimed at IT environments ranging from small data centers to remote offices. The family has a power range of 10-30kVA and has built-in maintenance bypass switches, as well as a hot-swap battery feature. American Power Conversion said the VT family "provides network-grade UPS performance for fileservers, minicomputers, Unix CPUs and for branch back-office sites and mission-critical applications, such as Internet hubs, networking communications, telecommunications, and diagnostic equipment."

For the small office and home environments, American Power Conversion unveiled its APC Back-UPS HS 500VA. The product features battery backup useful for networking devices such as routers and VoIP phones. The Back-UPS HS 500 has an interface that enables users to manage the unit remotely over a network or over the Web.

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