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AT&T Signs Another Firm To Aid VoIP Rollout

AT&T has enlisted Cable Television Laboratories (CableLabs) in its drive to promote CallVantage Internet phoning to customers who currently don't have broadband connections.

CableLabs' Web-based tool assists customers to sign up for CallVantage by helping customers install a broadband connection. With market researchers estimating that 26 percent of the nation's households have no broadband connection, AT&T has found that many consumers wanting the VoIP service are kept from using the service by their lack of a broadband connection.

"We have seen a strong response from customers who want (CallVantage) but don't have the required broadband connection," said AT&T's senior vice president of Internet telephony Cathy Martine in a statement. "These new marketing agreements will help customers overcome that obstacle."

Earlier this week, AT&T announced that it is teaming up with cable firms to offer CallVantage. AT&T has been promoting the VoIP service heavily since it lost a regulatory battle to attach to local telephone networks as low rates.

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