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Broad Cybersecurity Guidelines Outlined

Internet Security Alliance (ISA) President Larry Clinton will describe the progress being made in the joint ANSI/ISA project to develop an enterprise-wide cybersecurity framework on October 21 at the 8th Plenary of the Homeland Security Standards Panel in Washington DC.

Two years ago, Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity Gregory Garcia charged ISA and ANSI to jointly develop a program that would assist the private sector in appreciating the economic impacts of cyber events throughout the enterprise.

President Obama's Cyber Space Policy Review emphasized that point again, and just last week at a briefing before the House Homeland Security Committee, the new DHS Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity Greg Schaffer articulated the need for cybersecurity to be understood as not merely a technology problem, but one that that reaches to every level of an organization.

Last year, ANSI and ISA published their first volume to specifically address this issue in their joint publication The Financial Management of Cyber Risk: 50 Questions Every CFO Ought to be Asking About Cybersecurity.

ANSI and ISA have been leading an extended effort this year completing Phase II of this project through a series of conferences. The final conference is scheduled for December 10th in New York City.

Publication of the Phase II report on this project, which provides model responses to the questions raised in last year's publication and provides a specific framework for organizations to follow, is anticipated for January of 2010. Clinton's presentation to the ANSI annual conference will outline the progress that has been made on this project and discuss further plans for implementation.

"The two-year ISA/ANSI project has succeed in developing specific guidelines for addressing corporate cybersecurity issues not simply in the context of technical operations, but from the legal perspective, the human resources perspective, the corporate communications/investor relations perspectives as well as compliance and risk management. The goal of this effort is to better articulate the financial impacts of cyber events in a way that will make this issue transparent to the CFOs and CEOs of the organization who are ultimately responsible for making the investments that will be required for us to establish an effective and sustainable system of cybersecurity," Clinton said.

The Internet Security Alliance is a non-profit collaboration between the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), a federation of trade associations, and Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab.

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