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Dobbs Challenge: First Month Challengers

April 14, 2008

It would be an absolute understatement to say we've been blown away by the quality of the entrants to the Dobbs First Month Challenge. We thought that even with $1000 on the line to the best entrant with a mere month to develop a serviceable work-in progress it was just going to be too much work.


We were, happily, proven wrong and there's a strong crop of games now available up on the Critic's Choice download section for you to check out -- including a one button fighting game from Alexkr; Badly Drawn Robots, which can be best described as "Robotron Meets Castle Wolfenstien Meets Dr. Dobbs" and Dobbs Derby, possibly the most ambitious total conversion we've seen yet, which turns Dr Dobbs Challenge into a racing game!

We've selected five mods from a rich selection to spotlight here -- if your entry wasn't selected, please don't think that we've lost, missed or ignored it!

Alexkr's Mod


AlexKr has created a mod which works as a sort of one-button sumo - hold down the enter key to run towards your opponent and mash it to attack! [details]

Rodhyde's Mod


RodHyde has created a fast paced shooter with Badly Drawn Robots. The room layout reminds us of the classic adventure game Castle Wolfenstien, even if the gameplay is most similar to Robotron. [details]

Ethanpack's Mod


Ethanpack's Debugging With Dobbs uses the graphics provided with Dr. Dobbs Challenge to good effect, creating a single screen platform shooter (almost a "run and gun") with Dr. Dobbs firing bugs at the Defy All Challenges enemies that swarm the screen! [details]

Lanza's Mod


Lanza's mod, called Modpower, is one of the most technically remarkable, as it contains scrolling levels, something that the original engine was not set up to do -- making the title to the original Dr Dobbs Challenge what Super Mario Bros. was to the original Mario Bros. [details]

Punkle's Mod


Punkle's Dobbs Derby is a total conversion of Dr. Dobbs Challenge, turning the game into a one button slot car racer. [details]

The winners of The Dobbs First Month Challenge will be announced soon -- and don't forget, there are still five more prizes on offer, with the deadline set for June 13th, 2008.

[UPDATE: And the winner is...]

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