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Introduction to C11

C Finally Gets A New Standard

The first installment in Tom Plum's three-part series on the C11 standard describes the major new features of C11 in concurrency, security, and ease of use; focusing on language-level atomic operations and thread primitives. The article also discusses keywords and the politics of design behind the standard. [read on]

The New C Standard Explored

In this second installment of our three-part series on C11, Tom Plum details many security features that require minimal changes to existing code and greatly reduce unexpected behavior and prevent many kinds of common attacks. He also introduces the new C Secure Coding Rules Project. [read on]

C's New Ease of Use and How the Language Compares with C++

The final installment in the series compares C11 with C++. Specifically discussed are alignment, unicode strings and constants, type-generic macros, and compatibility with C++. [read on]

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