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Open Inventor 3D Graphics Toolkit Upgraded

The Visualization Sciences Group (VSG) has released Open Inventor 8.1, an updated version of its object-oriented 3D graphics development toolkit. Open Inventor 8.1 delivers a display rate which is now nearly equivalent to graphics hardware peak performance. This new release also introduces a dynamic display resolution mechanism, where advanced rendering effects are progressively applied during interaction, refining image quality on the fly, without sacrificing interactivity.

Volume masks and real-time shadows are two major new features provided by VolumeViz 8.1, while the MeshViz XLM 8.1 extension benefits from more parallelized extraction algorithms and significantly improved performance. Finally, ScaleViz 8.1 now takes full advantage of multi-GPU configurations, with optimal performance on NVIDIA QuadroPlex systems, using the NVIDIA CompleX engine.

Open Inventor 8.1 is available for C++ and .NET, on Windows and Linux 32-and 64-bit platforms.

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