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QALoad 5.5

Compuware has introduced new features to its QALoad 5.5 automated performance testing tool for web, Java, .NET, packaged ERP/CRM applications, and distributed environments. Compuware QALoad simulates thousands of users performing transactions against applications. New features include a parameterization wizard, rules library, enhanced remote monitoring for servers, and enhanced reporting, among other features. www.compuware.com/

Robotics Studio

Microsoft has announced Robotics Studio, a free SDK that lets you write applications for robotic platforms such as Mindstorms, Pioneer, and others. The SDK targets both hobbyists and industrial robotics. Using the SDK, you can build distributed apps running on swarms of web-enabled robots that report back to a server handling most of the heavy computation. The possible applications make the figurative and literal gears start whirring. msdn.microsoft.com/robotics/

Team Solutions

Personify Design has delivered its Team Solutions, a suite of collaboration tools designed to enable better communication among all members of software development teams. Based on the Microsoft Office 2003 System and integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System, Team Solutions combines a familiar development environment with tools that helps members of an organization write project specifications and manage deliverables and project status. www.personifydesign.com

WinDriver USB/PCI

Jungo Software Technologies has released Version 8.02 of its driver development toolkits WinDriver USB/PCI (for cross-platform and multiple architecture host driver development), and WinDriver USB Device (for USB firmware code generation). WinDriver 8.02 includes support for Windows Mobile 5.0 (added to the WinDriver for Windows CE driver package) and the Linux kernels 2.6.14-2.6.16. The WinDriver USB Device (Firmware Development Kit) now includes support for the Silicon Laboratories C8051F340 development board. www.jungo.com/wdver.html

ADX Extensions for Outlook

Afalina has released its ADX Extensions for Outlook, a .NET development tool that lets you customize Outlook forms and folder views by embedding .NET forms (WinForms) into all Outlook versions from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2007. The ADX Extensions for Outlook lets custom forms be embedded into bottom, top, and right sub-panes of Outlook folder views and forms (the Explorer and Inspector windows) and Outlook Reading Pane The ADX Extensions for Outlook is written in C# and supports Visual Basic .NET 2003 and 2005, Visual C# 2003 and 2005, Borland Delphi 2005 and 2006. www.add-in-express.com/outlook-extension/

Secure Shell Library for Java

IBM has announced its Secure Shell Library for Java, a tool that automatically encrypts data transmitted from one computer to another (including passwords and information stored in files), and the Security Workbench Development Environment for Java, which lets you test, validate, and secure enterprise-level Java applications that support industry standards such as Java 2 and OSGi. With Workbench, you can embed authorization and access privileges into the development processes when building new applications, thereby automating the manual work of testing-based approaches by generating suggested security policies without having to run the code. www.alphaworks.ibm.com

NvPerfHud 4 Performance Analysis

NVIDIA has announced its NVPerfHUD 4 performance analysis tool, a profiling and visual debugging heads-up display (HUD) program for Direct3D applications supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0c and Windows XP on select NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs). Enhancements to NVPerfHUD 4 include a frame profiler mode, unit utilization graphs, and playback speed adjustment. The NVPerfHUD 4 performance analysis tool is available for download at developer.nvidia.com/NVPerfHUD, and the NVPerfKit 2 suite of performance tools is available at developer.nvidia.com/NVPerfKit. www.nvidia.com

Codejock Software

Codejock Software has released Volume 2 of it Xtreme ToolkitPro 2006 and Xtreme SuitePro 2006 for Visual Studio .NET. This release incorporates enhancements to the Office 2007 style RibbonBar, including Vista-like look-and-feel features. RibbonBar features also include the latest Office 2007 visual style, including Contextual Tab support, quick access customization, and control grouping. CommandBars incorporates the Office 2007 and Ribbon themes as well as a checkbox toolbar control. All calendar views support the Office 2007 theme in addition to custom header/footer print support that includes individual cell coloring. An Office 2007 face for SkinFramework is available, which incorporates the entire Codejock product line. www.codejock.com

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