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Dr. Dobb's Linux Digest Newsletter

Dr. Dobb's Linux Digest - 4/02/03

HP to Sell and Support Red Hat Linux
A Slashdot discussion about HP's announcement of increased selling and support for Red Hat Linux. To see more Red Hat links see:

Morphix CD Based Distribution
Morphix, related to Knoppix, is based on Debian and can run from a CD. For more links to CD based Linux see:

Linux in the Professional Recording Studio
Article about audio recording with Ogg Vorbis format. To see more links about Linux music and audio see:

Guides for Mobile Linux
New name and site for Linux laptop and mobile guides. For more links to Linux laptops see:

Lindows to Debian
Article about converting from one Linux distribution to another. For more information about distributions see:

Loads of Linux Links
Website with more than 3000 searchable Linux links for all levels of users. For more Linux link sites see:

Linux on Embedded Processors
Discussion about running Linux on small CPUs. For more information about embedded Linux see:

Laptop Hibernation
A discussion of using lphdisk to enable hibernation on Linux laptops. For more information about lphdisk see:

Replicating Clusters
Discussion of best way to copy a kernel to the nodes of a cluster. For more links about clusters see:

User Review of Debian Linux
Discussion of difficulties in using Linux. For more links to Debian see:

Scanners with Linux
Discussion about which scanners work with Linux. For more scanner information see:

Palm Connection Under Linux
Links and faqs about using PDAs with Linux. For more PDA links see:

Booting from Flash Memory
Discussion about booting Linux from flash with a PPC board. For more information about flash memory see:

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