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Dr. Dobb's Software Tools Newsletter - February 2005

Dr. Dobb's Software Tools Newsletter - 2/8/05

IDELIX Software has released new versions of its Pliable Display Technology (PDT) SDK. PDT is a virtual lens technology for visualizing and interacting with digital data. PDT-based functionality such as detail-in-context data interaction, lens-assisted operations, bandwidth management, and multi-layer viewing are designed for applications such as geospatial intelligence, defense, GIS, medical imaging, gaming, and CAD. Version 3.1 of the PDT SDK is written in C++ and features new COM and .NET wrappers.

IDELIX Software
555--1122 Mainland St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1 Canada

TechExcel has unveiled its DevTest test management solution, which automates test coverage creation, test planning and scheduling, and tracking of test execution. Using DevTest, QA managers and engineers can create, manage, and document test plans in a centralized repository. Users can then schedule and assign these tests to their team using a wizard driven interface. Once assigned, testers execute these tasks and defects can be automatically submitted to development projects based on test case status, establishing links between the test task and the submitted defects. DevTest tracks tests in built-in presentation quality reports and in a planning dashboard.

3675 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite 200
Lafayette, CA 94549

OpenFabric is a platform for building Internet-based distributed systems, including content management, collaboration and ASP systems. It comprises a distributed object repository and class dictionary, object replication, scripting engine, workflow engine, web page designer, virtual file system, desktop client and development environment. OpenFabric runs on Windows and Linux.

Suntail AS
P.O. Box 651
St. Albans, Herts AL1 4YZ UK

Toolsfactory has updated its Doc-O-Matic documentation system to version 4. Doc-O-Matic uses information about source code symbols (namespaces, packages, classes, members structs, records, enums and other symbols), and existing tagged and untagged comments (XMLDoc comments, JavaDoc comments and plain text comments) in source-code files and external documentation files (Word Documents, HTML files and plaintext files) to create cross-linked documentation systems, online help and user manuals in PDF, HTML, HTML Help 1.x, Help 2.0, Windows Help, RTF and XML. Doc-O-Matic 4 supports C/C++, IDL, C++.NET, C#, VB.NET, Delphi, JavaScript, ASP.NET, MATLAB, JSP, and Java.

Toolsfactory Software
1005 Terminal Way
Reno, NV 89502

Parasoft has announced SOAPtest 3.0, an automated Web services testing tool. It supports WSDL schema verification and standards-compliance checks; automatic test creation using WSDL and HTTP traffic; data-driven testing through data sources (Excel, CSV, Database Queries, etc); scenario-based testing through XML Data Bank; scripting with Java, JavaScript, and Python; report generation in HTML, XML and Text formats; and real-time graphs and charts. SOAPtest 3.0 features an improved UI and is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

101 E. Huntington Dr., Second Floor
Monrovia, CA 91016

ILOG is now packaging its JViews 6.0 graphics toolkit as stand-alone products. The ILOG JViews product line includes JViews Diagrammer 6.0, JViews Charts 6.0, JViews Gantt 6.0, JViews Maps 6.0, and JTGO 4.0. The updated JViews products now support the Business Process Management Notation (BPMN), a standard that helps analysts and developers model their business processes, as well as Java standards like OSS/J (JTGO) for telecom operational support services (OSS) applications, and Java Server Faces technology for creating thin clients.

1080 Linda Vista Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043

Viklele Associates is offering the Runtime Form Designer Component Suite 1.0, for developing a form designer application similar to Visual Basic IDE. VLFormDesigner allows runtime resizing and repositioning of activeX controls placed on it; VLPropertyList provides COM introspection capability for creating a Visual Basic properties view styled user interface; and VLButtonBar is provided for creating a professional tool palette. Viklele Associates also offers VLMenuPlus, VLViewPort, and VLFullScreen.

Viklele Associates
8, Shree Vidya
Rajpath Society, Paud Road
Pune 411 038 India

Software developer and computer artist Vincent Stahl has developed the d3caster Game Engine, a 3D Java gaming development kit embedded within an open source demo game. The package, intended for experienced Java developers, is designed to promote sound programming, fast image loading, image conversion, and 3-D raycasting graphics with dynamic light effects--all made with pure Java, without the need for special plugins or hardware.

An der Betteleiche 16 70569
Stuttgart DE

JBoss has introduced JBoss jBPM, a workflow engine formerly known as the Java Business Process Management (jBpm) project. Like all federated JBoss Professional Open Source middleware, including Hibernate and Tomcat, JBoss jBPM is a standalone product. It can be deployed on its own or with any J2EE application server. The engine uses the native jBPM Process Definition Language (JPDL), designed to support any standard or specification that exists today or may emerge, including BPEL, BPELJ, BPML, BPSS, ebXML, WSCI and XPDL.

3340 Peachtree Road, NE, Suite 1225
Atlanta, GA 30326

MKS has released its MKS Requirements 2005, a requirements management tool. Built as an extension of MKS Integrity Manager's process and workflow engine, MKS Requirements 2005 supports approval cycles spanning business and development teams. A single repository with audit trails maintains a history of requirements and all changes over time, and the software maintains a connection between development artifacts such as source code and documentation and associated requirements via change packages. Integration with Microsoft Word is provided along with querying, charting and reporting tools.

303 Lowell Street
Somerville, MA 02145

Reliable Software is shipping Code Co-op 4.5, a peer-to-peer version-control system supporting distributed development through e-mail, LAN, and VPN. Code Co-op 4.5 enhances the automatic dispatching mechanism used to keep project members in synch. The dispatching mechanism is now able to automatically identify missing scripts quickly and retrieve them from another project member, and the transmission of large change scripts is more robust.

Reliable Software
1011 Boren Avenue, PMB 206
Seattle, WA 98104

jProductivity has developed Protection! Pro, an automated licensing framework for Java software applications. Protection! Pro builds on the features of Protection!, jProductivity's original licensing framework for custom Java applications, and can be embedded into CD-based software or web-delivered products. Protection! Pro supports "named-user" license support, tying user licenses to a specific, hardware-based attribute of the user's system.

275 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

StarGen, a semiconductor company specializing in serial switched interconnects, has made available the StarFabric SDK. The SDK includes software libraries, fabric analysis tools, and drivers for Windows XP, Linux, and WindRiver VxWorks. It provides customization of StarFabric's non-transparent bridging and Quality of Service features, and supports event features such as link-up, link-down events. Customers can use the SDK to make peer-to-peer connections that can map multi-terabytes of memory resources, and designate different classes of service to improve system performance, such as multicast and isochronous classes of service.

225 Cedar Hill Street, Suite 22
Marlborough, MA 01752

F5 Networks has enhanced its DevCentral site with iRules, which are customizable commands that leverage the power of the BIG-IP product's Traffic Management Operating System (TM/OS). Based on the TCL language, iRules can be applied to any IP application or protocol. Further, iRules can be invoked and manipulated via F5's iControl web services API, allowing the network to do things that previously required changes in applications.

F5 Networks
401 Elliott Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119

Ivis Technologies is offering the XBoost plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. Designed for developers building ASP.NET-based Web applications using Visual Studio .NET 2003, XBoost manages web application security, localization, look-and-feel, and integration with directory services such as Active Directory and LDAP. The XBoost VS.NET plug-in automates creation of XBoost .NET Satellites, eliminating the need to edit system configuration files and to manually register new satellites on XBoost Controller.

11201 N. Tatum Blvd, Suite 110
Phoenix, Arizona 85028

The Tiger Early Start Kit for Developers includes pre-release versions of Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" and Xcode 2.0; one-on-one engineering consultation to get your application Tiger-ready; a developer discount on the latest Apple hardware; and a DVD-ROM filled with Tiger session videos from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2004. This disc contains hours of detailed engineering instruction, along with presentation slides and sample code.

Apple Computer
1 Infinite Loop, MS 303-3DM
Cupertino, CA 95014

Scapa Technologies Limited has launched its Test and Performance Platform 3.1, for ensuring the performance of software in complex systems integration projects. Scapa Test and Performance Platform 3.1 targets web services, J2EE, client/server and thin-client technologies from IBM, Microsoft, Citrix Systems, SAP, BMC Remedy, Hyperion Solutions and others. The platform is based on the Eclipse Hyades test and performance tools platform.

Scapa Technologies
245 Park Avenue
New York City, NY 10167

FastReport is a set of add-in components that lets you add a reporting feature to your applications without having to write code. The visual report designer interacts with data sources (all popular DB-engines) and supports text rotation, database access, and HTML tags. FastReport features one script per one report, giving you an option to use multiple languages (Pascal, C++, Basic, Java). The script offers access to any object inside application and a debugger to find problems. FastReport comes in several versions and editions including Delphi/VCL components and a cross-platform reporter for Delphi and Kylix.

Fast Reports
4 line, 41 Rostov-on-Don, 344019 Russia

Sun has announced the next version of its visual development environment, Java Studio Creator. Based on JavaServer Faces technology and the NetBeans platform, Java Studio Creator offers drag-and-drop layout of user interfaces and component infrastructures. The new version supports Mac OS X and the Solaris operating system (x86 Platform Edition). In addition, this marks the first multilanguage release of the product, with support for Japanese and simplified Chinese.

Sun Microsystems
4150 Network Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054

PHUI is a PHP HTA User Interface toolkit, letting you write desktop applications in PHP. It fills a similar niche to PHP-GTK, but uses HTML as the user interface rather than GTK widgets. The UI is built out of HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript, while the PHUI libraries are included in HTA files: HTAs are Microsoft's HTML Applications, which can access local files and registry information. Therefore the program looks to users like a normal Windows application, but looks to programmers like a web application. PHUI is licensed under the open source PHP license.

1487 Edgerton St.
St. Paul, MN 55101

Macrovision has updated its installation software to InstallShield 10.5. New features include a network repository to share common elements, Assemblies that reuse components across different products, and the ability to edit any XML file. The new Trialware feature lets you easily build evaluation versions of software. InstallShield 10.5 also supports the latest version of Microsoft Software Installer, MSI 3.0.

Macrovision Corporation
2830 De La Cruz Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Absoft has announced Cluster Builder's Kit 2.0 to replace its Beowulf Tool Kit 1.0. Absoft is also selling and supporting a new High Performance Computing Software Developers' Kit for IBM Linux on POWER clusters and servers, and is preparing to release its IBM XL Fortran Advanced Edition compiler Version 8.1 for Mac OS bundled with Visual Numerics' IMSL Fortran Numerical Library 5.0.

Absoft Corporation
2781 Bond Street
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Elegance Technologies has developed C-Sharpener for VB, an add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio that automatically converts Visual Basic .NET code to C#. C-Sharpener for VB is integrated with Visual Studio .NET, and can be launched from within Visual Studio; a wizard guides you through the translation process. Symbol table technology is used to perform the conversion. C-Sharpener for VB does a syntactic and semantic analysis, including a full symbol tree with referenced assemblies.

Elegance Technologies
1721 Green Valley Road
Havertown, PA 19083

Tech-X Corporation is offering OptSolve++ Version 2.1, a library providing implementations of algorithms for solving and optimization of nonlinear multidimensional user-defined merit functions. Nonlinear optimization algorithms include Powell, Conjugate Gradient, Nonlinear Simplex, and Levenberg-Marquardt. OptSolve++ libraries are available for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, and OptSolve++ Pro provides library and cross-platform source codes for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Tech-X Corporation
5621 Arapahoe Ave, Suite A
Boulder, CO 80303

Zope X3 is the next major Zope release and has been written from scratch based on the latest software design patterns and the experiences of Zope 2. The "X" in the name stands for "experimental," since this release does not try to provide any backward-compatibility to Zope 2. Zope is an open source web application server primarily written in Python. It features a transactional object database which can store not only content and custom data, but also dynamic HTML templates, scripts, a search engine, and relational database (RDBMS) connections and code.

Zope Corporation
Lafayette Technology Center
513 Prince Edward Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

GridinSoft Notepad 2.7 is designed to keep the simplicity Notepad offers while adding code editing features you need, such as customizable syntax highlighting, a spell checker that works for 10 different languages simultaneously, console command support, a hex editor, a math expression evaluator, support for the LaTeX format, bookmarks, drag-and-drop support and 10 other options lacking in the original Notepad. GridinSoft Notepad also lets you execute scripts and see the results immediately in the Console Output window.

Proletarskaya 54/56
Kremenchuk 39617 Ukraine

Klocwork has updated its static analysis tools, which extend support for Java across the entire family, to include application security testing. inForce for Java, inSight for Java, and inSpect for Java, let you understand and analyze large Java architectures with very complex relationships along multiple dimensions. The new versions include system-level analysis of large Java application architectures as well as defect detection and prevention capabilities you as a plug-in for Eclipse, a plug-in for the Rational Application Developer for WebSphere, or as a stand-alone capability.

35 Corporate Drive, 4th Floor
Burlington, MA 01803

Windward Studios has made available Windward Reports 3.0, its Microsoft Word-based report-layout process. With 3.0, Windward Reports is now available for use in .NET programs. A new AutoTag add-in for Microsoft Word simplifies data layout and data-source mapping, and reduces the size of tags on the template page. Users can also write Java Beans that perform final processing on the output of a tag; map to SQL, XML or custom data sources; and call Windward Reports directly from Java.

Windward Studios, Inc.
PMB 115, 637 B South Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305

Afalina has released version 2.1 of Add-in Express .NET, a .NET component library for developing MS Office COM add-ins, SmartTags, and Excel RTD Servers. Add-in Express .NET installs technology-specific wizards that generate projects in Visual Basic, C#, Visual C++, J#, and Delphi. The projects concentrate the functional code in a single module that makes use of common Visual Studio rapid application development approaches.

Afalina Co., Ltd
149 Barykina st.
Gomel, BY Belarus

AppForge Crossfire 5.5 provides application development for Palm OS, Symbian, and Pocket PC mobile devices using the Microsoft Visual C# development environment. Other features of the new software version include built-in support for radio frequency identification technology (RFID), support for Microsoft Windows Mobile-Based Smartphone, Motorola A1000 devices and support for Pocket PC 2003 second edition extended features.

AppForge, Inc.
3348 Peachtree Rd. NE
Tower Place 200, Suite 625
Atlanta, Georgia 30326

Redstone Software has announced Eggplant 2.0, a Mac OS X tool for automated, cross-platform testing. This release includes a script debugger; autocompletion of commands, functions, variables, and other keywords; and one-click lookup of script resources. In addition, Rendezvous support allows Eggplant to automatically discover available test machines that are running either the OSXvnc 1.4 server or Apple Remote Desktop 2.0 (ARD) clients.

Redstone Software, Inc.
1380 Forest Park Circle, Suite 100
Lafayette, CO 80026

Digital Harbor has introduced PiiET 4.5 for linking existing information from many different sources into a single hybrid application. PiiE 4.5 offers live dashboards, which lets you see real-time information from several systems on one interactive screen for business activity monitoring; case management, which helps you link structured with unstructured data, business processes, and events; and ontology-based EII functions, which let IT to perform easier logical integration of multiple datasources (including relational, XML, JCA, JMS, and web services) via OWL-compliant embedded semantics.

Digital Harbor
1851 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 200
Reston, VA 20191

FOSS Software is shipping version 2.26 of its Professional User Interface Suite, an MFC extension library for creating GUIs in the Visual Studio 6.0/7.0/7.1/8.0 environment. The new version introduces two major features: OLE Automation support and a Visual Studio 2005-like user interface. Automation is implemented as a COM library called ProfAuto. It lets you use scripting languages like VBScript for customizing and controlling menus, toolbars, and status bars.

FOSS Software, Inc.
151 Main St., Suite 3
Salem, NH 03079

Mobiform XAML tools mirror the functionality and interfaces of Microsoft's definition of XAML. Mobiform XAMLView Control is a partial clone of the XAML API produced and publicly exposed by Microsoft in Longhorn (Windows 2006); it is the intention of Mobiform that the XAML clone help facilitate adoption of XAML early and that it ultimately be replaced in 2006 by the XAML API produced by Microsoft with minimal impact on applications and documents. Mobiform also offers Aurora, a XAML editor; Corona, a XAML browser; and Corona3D for opening and animating 2D and 3D XAML documents and XAML documents containing C# script driving the XAML object model.

Mobiform Software Ltd.
Suite 603 - 134 Abbott St.
Vancouver BC, V6B 2K4 Canada

Luckasoft Software's EngInSite Editor for PHP strives for simplicity and functionality. The program supports PHP 4 and 5, wraps around already-existing projects, and lets you use different PHP distributions. EngInSite also includes a code navigator, tag editor, profiler that identifies code's weak spots and bottlenecks, and built-in FTP client. The program's interface is similar to Microsoft's Visual Studio.

LuckaSoft Anholter Str. 2B
D-46395 Bocholt Germany

A new version of PriadoBlender, an open source development tool, lets you build stand-alone applications using PHP. PriadoBlender takes PHP scripts and "blends" them with the PHP interpreter itself, outputting a stand-alone EXE executable. That file, along with the supporting DLLs, can be packaged as a ZIP file and distributed to users. The new version features an architecture that's less reliant on external libraries.

Pragmapool, Inc.
4630 Summit Pass
Eagan, MN 55122

Secure Software is offering CodeAssure, a family of tools to help you find, prioritize, and fix security flaws. The CodeAssure suite's four products--CodeAssure Workbench, CodeAssure Auditor, CodeAssure Integrator, and CodeAssure Management Center--are integrated with the Eclipse IDE and support C, C++, and Java. Over 40 classes of vulnerabilities and insecure coding practices are tested.

Secure Software
2010 Corporate Ridge, Suite 820
McLean, VA 22102

The FastNET.ASP toolset provides a web-browser application template, letting you concentrate on database design and application logic. Screen layout, customisation, language translation, menu access, data validation and lookups can be conducted automatically using FastNET.ASP's template-driven environment. FastNET.ASP is compliant with the majority of SQL databases.

SoftSols Group Limited
Matrix House, Bradford Road,
Wrenthorpe, Wakefield, WF2 0QH UK

The Databeacon Smart Client family of products includes Databeacon Smart Client Professional, Databeacon Smart Client Standard, and the entry-level Databeacon Analyst. Built on Microsoft's .NET Framework, Databeacon Smart Client Professional and Smart Client Standard offer multiple report viewers for self-serve explorable reports and no-touch deployment. Databeacon Analyst gives you the ability to design and use self-serve explorable reports on their PC from .txt (flat file) data, and share static versions of those via e-mail.

Databeacon Inc.
1565 Carling Avenue, Suite 300
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 8R1 Canada

Excel Software has announced version 7.5 of MacA&D OS9. MacA&D OS9 is a software engineering tool for Macintosh OS 9 computers that automates requirements management, software modeling, code generation, reengineering and flexible report generation. The company has opened a beta program for MacA&D OSX, a native Mac OS X edition of MacA&D OS9. Excel Software also offers MacTranslator, a companion tool for reengineering source code into models. Used in conjunction with MacA&D, it creates structure charts from C, Pascal, Basic or Fortran, UML class diagrams from C++, Object Pascal or Java and data models from SQL.

Excel Software
19 Misty Mesa Court
Placitas, NM 87043

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