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ABBYY SDK For Intelligent Multi-Functional Peripherals

ABBYY has unwrapped FineReader Engine 2.0 for Embedded OS, a Software Development Kit (SDK) designed for document classification and conversion to Multi-Function Peripherals (MFP). This SDK is intended to allow MFP vendors to remove application middleware and enable developers to create document-processing solutions with functions previously unavailable in MFPs.

FineReader Engine 2.0 for Embedded OS includes document classification technology, intelligent file name generation, and business-card recognition. Developers can then engineer MFPs with new services, including automatic creation of meaningful file names (eliminating the need for users to rename scanned files and enabling more efficient archiving), and easy extraction of information from a single scan of multiple business cards.

"The global market is changing as end users look for easier ways to conduct numerous functions from a single device. This has led MFP vendors to seek technologies that can expand their solutions' capabilities in order to ensure they remain at the center of the document ecosystem," said Andrey Isaev, director of the technology products department at ABBYY. "FineReader Engine 2.0 for Embedded OS delivers intelligent, trainable classification and conversion to MFP vendors, increasing the range and quality of services they can offer."

The breakthrough functionality of the new ABBYY SDK, combined with an optimized balance between conversion speed and accuracy, enables MFP vendors to considerably increase overall usability of their devices. New functions include:

  • Trainable Document Classification . Provides MFPs with artificial intelligence that helps users save time and work more productively. Devices can now automatically recognize document types based on content and geometric analysis, and remember typical user actions and settings (i.e., destination folders, email addresses, export format), enabling MFPs to automatically suggest actions and streamline tasks.

  • CJK Languages Support. The new version of FineReader Engine for Embedded OS enables document recognition in the most popular Asian languages such as Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, and Korean. Combined with support for more than 60 other languages, it delivers unrivalled opportunities for vendors with global operations.

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