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ASIC in a Box

March 15, 2010

It isn't a secret that I enjoy designing with FPGAs. Of course, if you are doing real volume production, you want to consider ASICs instead of FPGAs. Several new technologies have allowed FPGA designers to reasonably churn out ASIC designs using familiar technologies.

I recently got an e-mail offering me an ASIC in a box kit. You get enough tools to turn out 20 ASIC devices of your own design with up to 350,000 logic cells or elements. According to the vendor in 5 weeks you could have a chip with 80% lower power than an FPGA at half the per device cost.

Sounds good, huh? The kit is on special until the end of March for US$19,995. I'm guessing my tax refund won't cover that.

Still interesting to see how the ASIC market space is mutating in response to increased pressure from FPGAs.

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