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Crossware Releases ARM7 Developer Tools

Crossware has released a modular set of tools for the ARM7 microcontrollers. Based upon Crossware's comprehensive ARM Development Suite, the modular system breaks out the components required to support various families of ARM7 chips. This lets developers on a limited budget benefit, for their chosen ARM7 variants, from all of the advanced features of the Crossware tools.

A base package provides the tool chain, including a C/C++ compiler, linker and standard libraries, as well as the ARM core simulator, source level debugger, Jaguar USB JTAG debugger interface, and the Embedded Development Studio IDE.

Developers can then select modules to add to this base package that will provide additional features specific to the variants supported by the modules. The additional features provided include C header files for the specific variants, Code Creation Wizards that will generate configuration and application code for the on-chip peripherals, simulator extensions to simulate on-chip peripherals, and debugging extensions for programming on-chip and, where appropriate, external memory. If a developer decides to target a different ARM7 family, then the module for that family can be purchased and added to the developer's existing environment.

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