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First Installment of Intel Parallel Toolset Moves to Beta

Intel has released the public beta of Intel Parallel Composer, the first installment of a new line of software tools to enable Windows developers to adopt parallelism for multicore. Intel Parallel Composer is a comprehensive set of compilers and libraries for Microsoft Visual Studio C++ developers that speeds and simplifies threading for improved productivity.

The other components of Intel Parallel Studio are Intel Parallel Advisor, Intel Parallel Inspector, and Intel Parallel Amplifier, all of which will be released to beta in 2009. Intel Parallel Composer supports Threading Building Blocks (TBB), OpenMP and other standards.

With this release, Intel also supports extensions to the C++ standard (C++0x), Lambda functions, parallel valarray, and asynchronous I/O. Auto-vectorization, auto-parallelization, spawn and threaded libraries are among the additional features in Intel Parallel Composer. Intel also provides parallel debugger extensions that extend the Microsoft debugger, and a Parallel Lint that enables source file diagnostics to eliminate bugs, boundary violations and memory corruptions.

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