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Mo(o)re Chuck Chip

November 09, 2008

Continuing saga of Jack vs. the Intellasys SEAforth 24

To bring you up to date:

  • SEAforth 24 conceived of by Chuck Moore
    • inventor of Forth
  • almost bungled Dilbertianly by a team of highy trained chip design experts
  • rescued again by Chuck Moore and his Magic Colorforth hand-coded chip design system
  • fab fab quantities
  • sample board on my desk
    • dev environment wants windows or linux + modern USB
      • my only win machine is win2k
        • USB not supported by closed-source Forth dev env on 2k
      • my Intel OS is OpenBSD
        • not supported by closed-source Forth dev env

So there you have the problem matrix. Turns out that there was at one time a lot of work done on an unsupported GForth environment that is essentially the same code. We're saved, apparently. Digging for the GForth resources now.

My saga with this part (I may have to get better at digital hardware design to actually do anything terribly clever with it) will undoubtedly stretch into 2009 and generate many bloggings. Stay tuned.

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