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Real-Time Management for P2P Resources on Mobile Devices

School of Information Science and Engineering
Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, P.R China

According to 3G standard, the communicating bandwidth of mobile devices is 2Mbps, which makes it possible to share P2P resources among mobile devices. BitTorrent use pure P2P structure to share resources among PC. Howerer, mobile devices have very low computing and memory capabilities.

In this paper, a new method designed as Real-Time Estate management Server (RTES) is found to realize sharing resources among mobile devices. Based on the operating system of RedHat Linux AS3 Update4, the RTES collects real time on-line estates of the mobile devices by an on-line estate management module.

It employs an improved algorithm named Mobile Devices Resources Selecting (MDRS) to realize pieces and addresses selecting of mobile devices’ downloading. The RTES manages the process of mobile devices’ resources downloading. The simulating results indicate that by adjusting the weight of valuables of MDRS algorithm, in general situation, the average response time to the mobile peers’ request is within 90ms, the situation of the mobile peers less than 3000. This proves the system is real time and effective.

This paper was originally presented at the Eighth Real-Time Linux Workshop held at the at the School for Information Science and Engineering, Lanzhou University, in Lanzhou, China.

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