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A Cloud App Hotel Reservation System from CiRBA

Capacity Control software company CiRBA has announced a new Reservation Console for cloud developers (and teams) to control the automation of new workload routing and capacity reservations processes.

The console automates (what is a manual process today) the job of selecting the optimal hosting environment for new workloads, reserving compute and storage capacity in advance of use, and ultimately providing the detailed host-level placement recommendations for the workload.

The Reservation Console features a new, tunable scoring system that identifies the optimal destination environment for new application workloads.

The system provides a new Hosting Score, which is based on a range of criteria including:

  • occupancy levels
  • technical considerations
  • software licensing constraints
  • operational policies
  • regulatory compliance

Teams can modify the attributes considered and also tune their weighting so that recommendations are aligned with organizational goals and application owner preferences.

"Not only does this ensure that the requirements of each workload are properly matched to the characteristics of the infrastructure, eliminating compliance issues and reducing operational risk, but it also enables the Reservation Console to balance demand across all available infrastructure, including cloud environments, midrange systems, and even different physical data centers," said the company.

Hotel Reservation System

The new Reservation Console provides users with an avenue to reserve capacity in advance of its actual use, guaranteeing that resources will be available for application deployments and effectively acting as a "hotel reservation system" to application groups and lines of business.

The new console complements the environment-level CiRBA Booking Management System by providing users with visibility into all inbound capacity reservation requests and all available environments, enabling routing and reservations into the best environment for each request.

"Many internal cloud platforms focus on automating the process of provisioning capacity in a specific target environment, but this is actually a small part of the overall picture," said Andrew Hillier, cofounder and CTO of CiRBA. "It still forces organizations to figure out which environment, geography, and hosting technology is best for an application or request. This is a time-consuming, inaccurate, and highly manual process, and the Reservation Console solves this by automating the process of evaluating hosting options, routing capacity requests, and reserving capacity in the target environment."

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