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IEEE Launches Biometrics Certification and Training Program

IEEE and some of the world's leading biometrics experts have developed a new certification and training program for biometrics professionals and their organizations. The IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional (CBP) program focuses on the relevant knowledge and skills to apply biometrics to real-world challenges and applications.

"This program is of vital importance to the biometrics community," said Vincenzo Piuri, chair, IEEE CBP Certification Committee and professor, Department of Information Technology, University of Milan. "The IEEE CBP program helps organizations meet the increasing demand for skilled professionals who can successfully implement or incorporate biometrics in a wide range of applications."

The IEEE CBP program was developed to help meet the training, hiring, and evaluation needs of professionals and organizations throughout the biometrics industry.' Individuals who will benefit include biometrics professionals, practitioners, and engineers from a wide array of industries.' The program consists of two components: certification, through the IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional (CBP) Exam; and training, through the IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional (CBP) Learning System.

Individuals who may benefit from earning the IEEE CBP credential include:

  • Biometric systems integrators.
  • Professionals who design, develop and/or implement biometric systems.
  • Buyers, managers, and operators of biometric systems.
  • Biometrics vendors, suppliers, and consultants.
  • New entrants to the field who want to establish professional credibility.

The IEEE CBP Program's body-of-knowledge offers a broad-based, comprehensive review of concepts and principles of the biometrics profession. Reflective of the variety of the profession, the CBP Program was developed to benefit biometrics professionals from diverse backgrounds and representing many different industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Military, Defense, and Homeland Security
  • Government Sector (national, municipal, state, other)
  • Risk Management
  • IT Security
  • Healthcare

By passing the IEEE CBP exam and earning the CBP designation, biometrics professionals demonstrate that they have the level of proficiency needed to perform in a competent and effective manner, and meet the demands of this rapidly evolving field.' The IEEE CBP Learning System combines print materials and online interactive software to provide effective biometrics training and CBP exam preparation.

In 2009, the CBP exam will be available from October 26 through November 22, and registration is currently open. Professionals who want to register for the exam and organizations that are interested in registering multiple employees can visit the CBE website for more information.

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