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Interfacing to a FOSSIL Communications Driver

June 1995/Interfacing to a FOSSIL Communications Driver/sidebar

Supplemental Information

The following are FOSSIL driver products:


Available in X00150.ZIP in the CompuServe IBM Bulletin Board System Forum (GO IBMBBS) Library 2.

The newest version of this driver is in an archive labeled X00202R8 (the extension will depend on the archiver used). Look for this on electronic bulletin-board systems.

In addition to the FOSSIL driver, this package contains application-programming interfaces for C, Pascal, and BASIC.

Additionally, it contains a full chart of FOSSIL functions and a development history.


Available in BNU170.ZIP in the CompuServe IBM Bulletin Board System Forum (GO IBMBBS) Library 2. Newer versions are likely to be available on electronic bulletin-board systems.


Wille's Computer Software Company, 2470 S. Dairy Ashford Suite 188, Houston, TX 77077. Phone: 800-966-4832.

Other sources of FOSSIL information and FOSSIL-related products:

Serial Communications: A C++ Developer's Guide, by Mark Nelson, M&T Books. In addition to detailed information pertaining to programming the PC's serial interface, it contains information and sample code pertaining to the FOSSIL specification.

FOSSIL.DOC, by Vincent E. Perriello. This is a text file describing the evolution FOSSIL. It is available on electronic bulletin-board systems.

FDSZ (DSZ for FOSSIL prototype), Omen Technology, P.O. Box 4681, Portland OR 97208. Phone +1-503-621-3406. This program is the FOSSIL version of the popular external file-transfer protocol driver which includes Zmodem support.

OpenDoors Library, by Brian Pirie, Apt. 1416, 2201 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, Ontario K1H 8K9. Available in ODOORS.ZIP in the CompuServe IBM Bulletin Board System Forum (GO IBMBBS) Library 3. This shareware library is a C/C++ library for creating external "door" programs for electronic bulletin-board systems. The function library provides for automatic FOSSIL support.

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