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Intuit Launches New Track-It, Quicken

Intuit on Wednesday launched a new edition of its asset and help desk management software Track-It, as well as its better-known Quicken personal finance manager.

Track-It is now available in three pre-configured versions, said Intuit, that include features previously available only as separate add-ons.

The three editions, dubbed Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, scale up features for the help-desk manager. Professional, for instance, includes automatic alerts for overdue or escalated support incidents, while only Enterprise includes self-service tools that allow end users to search help databases.

Prices for Track-It 6.5 start at $199 for Standard and $675 for Professional. Enterprise Edition prices vary by configuration ordered.

Wednesday also saw the debut of Quicken 2005, Intuit's popular personal finance manager. Among its changes, said Intuit, is a new section devoted to scheduling and paying monthly bills.

According to a user survey Intuit conducted, nearly two-thirds of Americans pay bills in multiple ways, including by check, credit card, online payment through biller and financial Web sites, and automatic deductions from checking accounts. The new area of the manager, dubbed "Monthly Bills and Scheduled Transactions Snapshot," is a one-stop shop for consumers to schedule, pay, and track all bills no matter what payment method they use.

Quicken 2005 for Windows is available now in several editions, with prices starting at $29.95 and topping out at $89.95.

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