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Hello Dalvik! (and Android)

May 23, 2010

I'm beginning to realize that the future of mobile computing is more about Android than it is Java ME or iPhone OS. I've long avoided Android because Dalvik is a knock-off of Java. I've decided that it doesn't really matter anymore. All that matters is that I can develop with a language and set of libraries that I'm familiar with and reach a really wide audience. That's Android. Hello Dalvik!

I plan to buy an Android phone and just swap the SIM card between it and my iPhone depending on my needs at the time. I'm going to download the Android SDK, which I've avoided up until this point, and build some apps and put them up for sale. I'm not positive what they'll be yet, but when I am, I'll let you know. Honestly, I may hedge a little and build the same set of apps for both Android and iPhone. It will be interesting to see which one draws the larger market share.

How about you? What's your mobile strategy? Have you already jumped on the Android/Dalvik wagon? I'm interested in your experiences so please feel free to share.

Happy Coding! -EJB

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