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Eric Bruno

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Java, You, and Me

April 30, 2008

Where does Java fit into your life? Have you ever really considered how much Java is a part of your everyday life, even outside of software development? For instance, it's most likely running software on your cell phone, smart phone, or other device; but you probably knew that already.

Another area where Java touches our lives is in the data center, running the software that makes up most of the Web sites we use all the time, such as eBay.

Have you used Amazon's Kindle? It has Java embedded within, running the software for the popular book reader. There are countless other products and devices you may or may not know of, such as:

- Smart RFID readers in factories
- Lottery terminals with advanced graphics and interactive features
- The Mars Explorer
- Google Maps
- Automated parking systems (http://java.com/en/everywhere/automatedparking.jsp)
- ATM Machines
- Real-time space debris tracking systems (http://www.sun.com/aboutsun/pr/2008-04/sunflash.20080414.3.xml)
- Critical stock trading systems (Nasdsaq)
- Industrial automation systems used in manufacturing lines (http://www.aonix.com/Industrial_Automation_and_Control.html, http://www.industrialcontroldesignline.com/188100444)
- The LiveScribe smart pen (http://www.livescribe.com/press/releases/release_080128.html)
- The Pepper Pad entertainment system (http://java.com/en/everywhere/pepperpad3.jsp)
- Nickelodeon Npower Multimedia and Game Player (http://shop.nickjr.com/sm-spongebob-squarepants-npower-electronics-1gb-digital-media-player--pi-2859743.html)
- PlayStation 3, and any BlueRay device (http://java.com/en/everywhere/playstation3.jsp)
- BMW cars (http://java.com/en/everywhere/bmw.jsp)
- Robots (http://java.com/en/everywhere/crasar.jsp)
- Set-top boxes
- Medical devices
- Copy machines/Printers (http://java.com/en/everywhere/ricoh.jsp)

In fact, if you could watch a video of your life over the past week, where the screen lit up whenever you did or touched something that was Java-powered, I bet the screen would be flashing quite a bit.

Are there areas of your life that wouldn't be the same without Java? Add to the comments section if you're using Java in new and exciting ways that your peers would be interested in.

Happy coding!

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