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JavaFX Composer Tool - Dec. 15th

December 10, 2009

With NetBeans 6.8 (released yesterday, see, Sun is prepared to launch the new JavaFX Composer. You can find more information on the NetBeans site 

In summary, JavaFX Composer will allow you to easily create rich, interactive JavaFX application GUIs by simply dragging-and-dropping components from a palette to your application's window "canvas". It helps to save a lot of typing by handling common JavaFX tasks visually, such as binding UI components to changing values and user events. See the binding tutorial here:

 There's also the concept of "states", where you can define different application states, and make changes to the visual components and/or their layouts. All of the related changes are recorded and associated with the new state. When your application runs, events can trigger state changes that automatically get reflected in your UI, as you defined it, without all of the related code. 

Look for the JavaFX Composer NetBeans plug-in to be released next week, and tune in here for the latest information.

Happy coding! 



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