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JavaFX: News and your opinion

October 01, 2009

Sun is hosting a survey to get your opinion on JavaFX, if you've used it. I took the survey and it's quick and easy. Let your opinion be known, even if you hate JavaFX. The data will help Sun make it better, which is helpful since it seems to be getting adopted pretty quickly in the market place. Therefore, the likelihood of you needing to know it at some point is growing.

The survey can be found here: 

JavaFX News

I recently heard that Sun will launch an early access version of the JavaFX designer tool at Oracle World ( in two weeks. This tool, similar to the Adobe suite, allows you to easily build graphical elements for your web applications, and then integrate them into your JavaFX application. Also, look for JavaFX running on more mobile devices, as well as set-top boxes, at the show. 

JavaFX Book 

As always, if you're looking to expand your knowledge of JavaFX, and how to build really cool applications with it, check out my book:

JavaFX: Developing Rich Internet Applications 


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