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JavaOne: Rockin' in the Free-and-Open-Source World.

May 06, 2008

Since the opening keynote yesterday, I can't get Neil Young's Rockin in the Free world out of my head. Except overnight, the lyrics have somehow changed to indicate the value of FOSS. And, for some reason, I get the impression that Neil Young is all over open-source. Honestly, I was impressed by three things regarding Neil Young by the end of the keynote:

 1 - The shear volume of material he's produced (he unrolled a 50-foot-long scroll that listed all of his music in chronological order)

2 - The fact that he researched Blu-ray and Java's capabilities to meet his needs in his compilation project

3 - The fact that he approached Sun (from what I've heard) to appear with them on stage at JavaOne

I also couldn't get out of my head, thinking about the Blu-ray versus HD-DVD war that is now over, if HD-DVD had beat Blu-ray, Neil Young might have been on-stage with Steve Ballmer somewhere yelling "Content developers! Content Developers! ..." 


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