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Java's Big Data Challenge: Volume, Variety, and Velocity

Versant's Java Persistence API is now compatible with the Spring application development framework for enterprise Java. The company says it extended its technology to make this pairing based on a strategy of lowering the barriers "frequently presented" by NoSQL, as Versant would have it.

The company really wants to be seen as allowing Java enterprise developers to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of big data with existing, standards-based coding skills.

Versant's adoption NoSQL challenges (as the company puts it) come down to issues such as the task of learning proprietary APIs. In answer to this, the firm says it is making Versant's NoSQL scale-out topology available to all developers versed in JPA and the Java programming language. Developers are also said to benefit from being able to leverage code examples and object data management concepts.

"The marriage of Spring with Versant's JPA provides an easy solution for those who'd like to make the switch to a NoSQL database without giving up the de facto Java persistence standard JPA," said Vishal Bagga, product manager, Versant Corporation.

"With Spring, developers can leverage their pre-existing knowledge of the application to deal with code complexity and plug in Versant's JPA for seamless object data management in a NoSQL store — allowing for faster adoption of NoSQL technology and, ultimately, more powerful data-driven applications."

This compatibility may now provide developers with a more consistent approach to managing data, adding benefits such as:

  • Spring's Inversion of Control (IoC) approach to coding enables faster and simpler swapping of mapped object implementations for easier persistence-related code testing in isolation.
  • Spring application contexts can handle the location and configuration of JPA Entity Manager Factory instances, making these values easy to manage and change while also offering secure handling of persistence resources.

Versant's Bagga argues that to handle the scale and complexity presented by big data, many developers are looking for an alternative to SQL-based relational data management systems, but would prefer to use their current skills to make the transition faster and smoother.

"By integrating the Spring Framework with Versant's JPA, a developer doesn't need to learn anything major in order to get started using NoSQL technology and can start realizing benefits immediately," he said.

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