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JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA 8

With the release of Version 8 of its IntelliJ IDE, JetBrains has added support for SQL, enabling editing of database scripts and running queries right in the IDE, with a range of coding assistance features for several SQL dialects. Release 8 also include new refactoring tools for Java, new code inspections tools, and tools for working with unit tests.

"Although IntelliJ IDEA has grown a lot during the recent years and added support for many frameworks and languages, at the heart it remains a code-centric IDE. This has always been our main focus, and this is what we believe to be a natural approach to developing even complex applications with pleasure," said Max Shafirov, IntelliJ IDEA project lead.

Other release highlights include:

  • UML-like class diagrams for exploring the code structure visually
  • Support for the new Seam framework from JBoss
  • Built-in debuggers for JavaScript and Flex
  • Improved Maven support, with repository browser and archetypes support
  • FreeMarker and Velocity template languages, with full coding assistance in embedded HTML and CSS code
  • Extended support for Spring frameworks, with Spring 2.5, Spring Web Flow, Spring MVC and Spring Dynamic Modules
  • Support for Struts 2 and GWT 1.5 frameworks
  • RESTful WebServices support

Additionally, JetBrains says it will release stand-alone Ruby and Python IDEs in the coming months.

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