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JetStreamQ - a zero-config JMS server

October 07, 2010

I recently made available the fruits of a personal research project, called JetStreamQ, on my web site The software project is a Java messaging server, which implements most of the JMS API, and requires no configuration to get started. The main goals are reliability, performance, and simplicity. Along those lines, the entire software package is compose of a single JAR file. Just import it into your JMS application and run. The single JAR switches between client mode and server mode automatically, discovers other JetStreamQ instances on your network, and automatically configures itself and clusters for high-availability. Again, with no configuration or administration required.

I think it's really cool, and since it started out as project to build the type of JMS server I was looking to use as a developer, I think most developers will be pleased to work with it. It performs really well for topic and queue based messaging, and when you limit it to two or three clustered servers, it offers high-availability with excellent performance. Give it a try with the free download available at You can also read more about it by downloading the datasheet slides. Let me know what you think of it!

Happy Coding! -EJB

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