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NSA-Grade Fixmo Mobile Security SDK On Offer

Mobile risk management company Fixmo has introduced SafeGuard, a new SDK designed to secure mobile apps and help protect private data on iOS and Android devices.

This new tool aims to address the issue of protecting the increasing amount of data stored on mobile apps by providing security and encryption through the creation of a secure container around the applications themselves. Essentially, this wraps the apps with access controls, remote policy management functions, and defense-grade data encryption techniques.

At the risk of looking like just another "me too — so what?" technology provider in the mobile security space, Fixmo says that its new SDK is built with the same technology that powers its own branded "SafeZone" secure workspace technology, which was developed with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and is now available for government agencies and enterprise customers around the world.

Fixmo CEO Rick Segal explains that with the Fixmo SafeGuard SDK, developers can add the following capabilities to their mobile apps for iOS and Android:

  • Defense-Grade Encryption of data-at-rest and data-in-transit using FIPS 140-2 validated AES 256-bit encryption.

  • Application-Level Policy Management including password controls and security checks to prevent the app from running if the device has been compromised, Jailbroken, or Rooted.

  • Remote Application Management including remote lock/wipe commands and custom management policies.

  • Application Deployment into Fixmo SafeZone — a secure workspace for enterprises and government agencies for BYOD and corporate-owned iOS and Android devices.

"Apps that are secured with the Fixmo SafeGuard SDK can be deployed directly to mobile devices and managed as individual apps, or they can be deployed into the Fixmo SafeZone secure corporate workspace and be centrally managed alongside other enterprise apps using the Fixmo SafeZone or Fixmo Sentinel management tools," said Segal.

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