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OneInstall Coins "iSaaS" installation Software-as-a-Service

Eclipse-based Java and J2EE development company Genuitec has this week announced its OneInstall all-in-one installer product, a tool designed to customize, package, and install software. Self-proclaimed champions of the concept of Installation Software-as-a-Service (iSaaS), Genuitec says that OneInstall is well suited to accommodate start-ups and enterprises that need a fast software delivery solution for their products.

OneInstall's iSaaS technology provides a familiar Java platform experience for developers to create signed executables and native executables. Attempting to differentiate itself from its competitors, Genuitec says that OneInstall enables full corporate branding and formatting, as well as the ability to circumvent desktop virus scanners that often break the distribution process.

"Managing installations and updates of software has always been problematic. First impressions count and the installation experience is often the first encounter users have with software. Despite this, the ongoing updating and ease of use are often overlooked and ill-treated," said Michael Coté, industry analyst with RedMonk. "With the emphasis on delivering frequent functionality -- new software functionality more often -- developers need an installation and distribution management system that not only makes getting the software easy, but also makes updating the software seamless."

"Our customers requested the ability to create installers on the fly for testing and rapid delivery of updates, hot fixes and enhancements, but they didn't always need this technology for an extended period of time," said Tim Webb, Pulse product manager for Genuitec. "OneInstall not only easily manages the software delivery process, but allows delivery managers the ability to update software directly on a customer's desktop environment."

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