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Oracle and Sun - The Java Strategy

January 28, 2010

Oracle and Sun produced a 15-minute video to outline some of the strategy for Java and related products going forward. You can view the video here.

Here is a summary of the points raised in the video, which includes the dates for JavaOne 2010: 

  • There are currently over 9 million Java developers. As a result, Java is the most widely used programming language in the world today.
  • The entire Oracle Fusion platform and applications portfolio (i.e. WebLogic) is built on Java.
  • The Java Community Process (JCP) will remain as the process for Java evolution going forward.
  • Oracle will continue driving Java to be the most widely used, productive, and pervasive programming platform in the world.
  • Java SE Hotspot technology from Sun will be integrated with Oracle's JRockit VM technology to combine into what will be Java SE 7, to be released in 2010. It will focus on modularization, developer productivity, dynamic language support, and higher performance.
  • JavaFX will continue to be a point of emphasis and investment as it continues to move into new mediums, such as Java FX TV. In fact, at JavaOne 2009, Larry Ellison expressed much excitement over JavaFX and mentioned using it to combat the industry's use of Ajax.
  • The Glassfish Java EE application server suite will continue as the reference implementation of Java EE, and will be offered as part of Oracle's current Java EE product line going forward.
  • There are over 2.6B Java-enabled mobile phones, with 250 partner carriers, and 100K+ Java ME applications available today. This ecosystem will be grown with continued enhancements to the platform including MSA v2, performance improvements, and JavaFX growth.
  • Embedding Java SE into other companies' solutions has been a point of focus at Sun, and will be fully supported by Oracle with an eye toward growth.
  • With Blu-Ray and BDJ, Java is included and a critical part of all Blu-Ray players and gaming devices built upon it. This segment of the market (TV and entertainment) will be an area of investment at Oracle.
  • The JavaCard business will continue to be supported and grown.
  • The Java for Business program for long-term Java support will continue and and grow under Oracle.


JavaOne - Sept 19-23 in San Francisco (co-located with Oracle OpenWorld), but also going global, starting with Brazil, Russia, India, China, and beyond.

Happy coding!



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