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Red Hat Opens Early Access To Java EE 6 Platform

Red Hat has opened a new class register to sign up developers to an early access program for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. Not generally available until 2012, this offer forms part of the company's attempts to facilitate the adoption of Java Enterprise Edition (EE) 6 technologies.

This news is also part of Red Hat's work towards building a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)-ready platform and simplifying the management of application servers regardless of where they are deployed.

In April of this year, Red Hat also tried to rubber stamp its authority on the evolution of Java through the submission of three new specification proposals — as well as collaboration in at least four other specifications for the upcoming Java EE7 specification (JSR 342).

The company insists that some of these innovations are already being developed in JBoss Community projects and are expected to be included in future JBoss products and offerings.

"JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 reflects our vision of the future of Java application platforms for both traditional and cloud-based environments," said Craig Muzilla, Red Hat's vice president and general manager of middleware business. "Our next-generation platform is a major leap forward for application servers both in terms of the advances in Java EE specification — including specifications that were heavily influenced and defined by Red Hat — and in the way application servers can be deployed, managed, and administered."

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