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RemObjects Cross-Platform Framework Multi-Tier Databases

Developer tools provider RemObjects Software has highlighted the employment of JavaScript in the "Business Rules Scripting" feature for Data Abstract, its cross-platform framework for building multi-tier databases. The company has also pinpointed the implementation of JavaScript logic in its "Business Rules Scripting" feature, which it says improves flexibility and scalability.

RemObjects developer proposition hinges on the use of JavaScript to improve data validation on both the client and the server side. On the client side the update speeds up input validation for fast user feedback, and on the server side it provides security to protect data.

The Business Rules Scripting feature has been engineered to provide programmers with an option to quickly update business logic, theoretically eliminating the need to recompile or redeploy clients or servers.

According to RemObjects, "Business Rules Scripting allows scripts to work with and validate data while the Data Abstract infrastructure is processing it. A series of event handlers enable users to hook into the data access and data modification processes. The JavaScript class library allows users to work with requests and changes. On the server-side this supports querying and modifying secondary data in addition to the data requested or updated."

Some scripts may be shared between clients and servers, eliminating the need to maintain the same rules in two places. Users can employ a simple check-box option in the New Project wizards to add scripting support to Data Abstract applications, and scripting support is an integrated part of Relativity Server.

"I think we've released some cool new stuff for developers, with these new Business Rules Scripting feature in Data Abstract. We hope developers like the new features, and we look forward to feedback on this enhancement," said Marc Hoffman, chief architect at RemObjects Software.

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