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Sun Announces Project Vector

May 18, 2009

In his blog today, Jonathan Schwartz announced top-secret Project Vector - or what will be known as the Java App Store when it's officially announced at JavaOne on June 2nd. Basically, Vector is an application store for all sorts of Java applications. As a developer, you can submit a Java application to be available for free or for a fee, Sun will take its cut, and the world is your marketplace. Mobile apps, desktop apps? I suppose either one is a candidate for submittal to the Java App Store.

As Jonathan says, unlike other app stores, Java applications have an audience that numbers in the billions. So the potential to earn good revenues from your Java applications, big and small, is definitely there. Read more at Jonathan's blog at:

Also, from what I hear, there will be a lot of news around this announcement at JavaOne, so don't miss the action if you can go. If not, stay tuned right here for updates from me, as they happen. I'll be at JavaOne, and I'll be writing about everything I see and hear. I'm also co-hosting a technical session and at least one BOF, so try to attend if you can. The information is:

1) Technical Session TS-5059: Real Time: Understanding the Trade-Offs Between Determinism and Throughput 

Date: 02-JUN-09, Time: 12:10 PM-01:10 PM 

Venue: Moscone, Room: Esplanade 305

2) Birds of a Feather (BOF-4560): Inside the Sun Java™ Real-Time System 

Date: 02-JUN-09, Time: 08:30 PM-09:20 PM 

Venue: Moscone, Room: Hall E 133


Also, two of my latest books are debuting in print at JavaOne. The first is  on real-time programming in Java, and the second is on programming with JavaFX Script. Check these out at:

1) Real-Time Java Programming:

2) JavaFX:

Happy coding!



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