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Sun + Oracle = ??

August 24, 2009

C++? Flex? Silverlight? Ruby? Are you considering not using Java for a project because of the uncertain future the Oracle buyout of Sun raises? Perhaps the "eyebrow" raised at the feds was due to Oracle's control over the Java licensing model, and what that means to Oracle's competitors. I can't be certain.


What I am certain of is that there are lots of alternatives to Java in the web space, embedded space, mobile space, and rich Internet application space. I'm not so sure about the enterprise space though -- Java and its WORA platform independence and performance is still king there, in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Java, and firmly believe in Java and JavaFX for all of the spaces listed. However, with alternative technologies such as those listed at the beginning, plus relatively new ones like Nokia's Web Runtime Platform , Apple's iPhone SDK , and  maybe even OneApp from Microsoft , you have to worry about Java's relevance going forward.

What's your opinion or concerns about Oracle's looming control over Java? Does it even make a difference to you? Respond with your comments below.

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