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Terracotta Releases Version 2.7

Terracotta Version 2.7 of its infrastructure software that provides scalable high availability for Java applications. New capabilities within Terracotta version 2.7 include:

  • Enhanced Platform Support. Includes full support for the latest version of Spring 2.0.8 and Spring 2.5.2 application framework and the Glassfish 2.1 application server.
  • Certified Patch Process. Accepts certified hot patches for systems running in production, enabling customers to install them without having to shut down their applications. This avoids costly downtime that can occur during a full upgrade maintenance cycle.
  • Automated High Availability Mode. An improved automated restart mode during failover simplifies operations. This feature automatically backs up cluster data for forensic purposes while simultaneously ensuring the safety and integrity of clustered data. Failover and restart is now easier while still ensuring data integrity.
  • Improved Distributed Garbage Collector (DGC) Performance and Visibility. The distributed garbage collector has been updated to use a generational collection algorithm which provides significant improvements in performance with little to no overhead. Depending on application use, the distributed generational garbage collector in Terracotta can provide dramatic improvements in throughput.
  • Online (Hot) Backup Support. Making backup easier than before, Terracotta introduces a convenient and safe one-button hot backup feature. Operators now have a more convenient way to ensure that all Terracotta data files are safely backed up for later restoration.
  • TIM Update Center.The Terracotta Integration Module (TIM) Update Center accelerates application deployment. TIMs are sets of configuration elements and supporting Java classes packaged together as a single, pluggable module within the Terracotta configuration. Now, users simply use an intuitive and easy- to-use script provided with the Terracotta installation to easily list, install and update Terracotta Integration Modules directly from the Terracotta Forge.
  • Cluster-Wide Runtime Statistics. Customers can now view and monitor all cluster-related statistics in a single, concise page that provides information on runtime including CPU, heap utilization and transaction rates.

"Terracotta 2.7 delivers high availability, scalability, and operational control in an easily-deployable open source product that is within reach for more people in these times where cost concerns are paramount," said Ari Zilka, chief technology officer and co-founder of Terracotta. "Building on two years of direct customer experience, this release includes rich operational and visualization features, and tuning capabilities unmatched by competitive solutions, whether open source or proprietary."

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