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What is the best way to use parallelism in Java?

September 01, 2008

I've been taken to task for comments I made at Intel's Developer Forum by suggesting that C/C++ developers were more actively using threading than Java developers in my experience.  Flawed experience?

 You can read the blog from Steve, who takes me to task on this - implying my challenge might stem from an anti-Java bias.  Oh my.

I thought my comments were innocent enough: Java programmers seem to use parallelism mostly by other methods - and so I think the demand for threading is much lower - FOR NOW.  I wonder when it might change?

 I'm eager to hear more from Java developers who want threading.  And do you want Threading Building Blocks for Java?  Steve thinks you should.

For me, if I hear from enough Java developers... it would balance out the many C/C++ developers who ask me about parallelism all the time... and that might be a good thing.


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