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Zing's Unstoppable Java for WebSphere

Any company that can get the words "Zing" and "unstoppable" into a headline has to stand out for a moment surely? Azul Systems has launched a new product integrating IBM WebSphere Applications Server (WAS) Software with an enhanced version of its (apparently unstoppable) Zing Java Virtual Machine.

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Key features and benefits of Zing PE for WebSphere-based applications include the option to drive down response time and latency outliers — Zing PE is designed to eliminate all the pauses, glitches, and jitter that can appear in even the best-tuned Java-based systems.

The company also highlights opportunities for developers and operations teams, which are no longer constrained by small in-memory stores and tiny Java heaps; this is because Zing PE allows WebSphere applications to scale to "hundreds of gigabytes" per instance without performance penalties or unpredictable pause times.

The theory is that more application memory enables significantly improved real-time analytics, search, caching, and other uses by keeping more information in-memory instead of needing access to slower external systems.

The firm says that with Zing PE, WebSphere developers can meet new business requirements more quickly, releasing new versions of an application with increased functionality and significantly reducing time spent tuning and debugging.

"With Zing Platform Edition for WebSphere, we are delivering users [new] capabilities of scale and consistency of response," said Scott Sellers, Azul Systems president and CEO. "Through this partnership with IBM, our shared customers in the retail, financial services, telecommunications, entertainment, and government sectors will now be able to achieve their business objectives and take advantage of Zing PE's tremendous scalability and consistent response time — even under unpredictable loads."

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