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Altova MobileTogether Is Free

Debuted to the fortunate few at the Microsoft Tech Ed conference in Houston Texas this week was Altova's upcoming release of MobileTogether.

This cross-platform mobile solution works to help design custom-built mobile solutions accessible on any mobile device. There is native support for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8 (smartphones and tablets), and any other device is also supported here via a browser-based client.

The MobileTogether Designer and MobileTogether Mobile App will be free.

MobileTogether proposes to give teams full control of data, user security, access control, and the entire development cycle.

"MobileTogether unifies the development experience with a visual designer, a simulator, and a stream-lined deployment process. Whether you need to create BI reports, enterprise forms, department-specific dashboards, or something else altogether," said Alexander Falk, CEO of Altova. "Creating and deploying a mobile solution in MobileTogether takes a matter of hours — rather than weeks or months."

As a player in the XML and data integration tools space, Altova began developing solutions for mobile phones as early as 1999, and continued to add support for mobile standards in its XMLSpy IDE throughout the years.

MobileTogether consists of three components: MobileTogether Designer connects the in-house development team to backend systems and uses drag-and-drop functionality to create mobile solutions, including BI dashboards, dynamic enterprise forms, business analysis reports, etc. MobileTogether Server connects the deployment target to handle security, workflow logic, and integration with database back-end systems. MobileTogether Mobile Apps allows employees to access mobile solutions on the server via this native offering, which will be available free of charge in the Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 app marketplaces. There is also an HTML5 browser-based client for any other device.

"Cross-platform support for any smartphone or tablet makes MobileTogether perfect for today's ubiquitous BYOD scenarios and provides for easy adaptation to changes. Companies can now capitalize on the benefits of BYOD, rather than being restricted by solutions that only work on one mobile operating system," said the company.

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