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Application Automatically Changes Android Appearance

Intrinsyc Software and Ubiquisys have announced UX-Zone, an application that changes the appearance of the Android phone interface automatically as you enter your home or office. UX-Zonetm from Intrinsyc incorporates femtocell presence triggers from the Ubiquisys FemtoApps initiative. Femtocells are tiny 3G mobile access points that plug in to a standard broadband connection in homes and businesses. They combine excellent mobile coverage indoors with very fast low cost data connections. As you arrive at a building with a femtocell, your phone automatically switches over from the outside network to the femtocell.

UX-Zone enhances the standard Android user interface by switching themes to reflect the phone's location. For instance, when arriving home, the phone switches to the femtocell and a "Home" theme instantly appears. The home theme does not just look different; it has new icons for high bandwidth entertainment services like video streaming, social networking and home network integration, taking advantage of the fast low-cost data provided by the femtocell.

On leaving home, the interface returns to normal, and the icons for high bandwidth applications that may not be suitable for the outside network, disappear. On arrival at the office, an entire new range of enterprise application icons appear on a new "Office" interface designed specifically for business productivity. Accordingly, one flexible Android device can be simultaneously tuned for home, mobile and work.

Intrinsyc's UX-Zone makes use of the highly flexible Android operating system and allows the mobile operator to brand each experience. The Ubiquisys presence triggers allow the application to operate automatically, without any buttons to press or passwords to enter.

"Femtocells are a great breakthrough in both the usability and breadth of applications on mobiles," says Intrinsyc' s Andrew Hurdle. "UX-Zone simplifies the user experience by mirroring the applications with the user's environment."

Ubiquisys' Keith Day added that "the vision of a 'chameleon' phone which changes its look-and-feel depending on its environment used to be the preserve of science fiction. The combination of our femtocell technology and the Android operating system makes this a reality."

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