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BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Now Available

Research In Motion (RIM) has made its solution BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution now available for download.

In what is widely regarded to be a do-or-die launch for RIM before the version 10 system is shortly released, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is part of what the firm hopes will reinvent RIM's fortunes by bringing together device management, security, and mobile applications management in one consolidated solution.

NOTE: It also provides a single console for managing BlackBerry, Android, and iOS devices.

"BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 empowers employees to be more productive and better equipped to serve customers while it provides business and IT leaders with the confidence that corporate data is protected and manageable in the same way they have long enjoyed with BlackBerry," said Peter Devenyi, RIM senior vice president for enterprise software.

The new software is noted for its inclusion of the BlackBerry Balance technology, a new offering intended to separate work applications and data from personal content on BlackBerry devices.

The message to developers is: Build for both enterprise and personal use in the knowledge that tools exist for secure connectivity to "behind the firewall" applications and data.

Also featured here is BlackBerry World for Work, the new corporate app storefront for BlackBerry 10 smartphones designed to perform application management. Applications can be pushed and installed to both corporate and personal-owned devices and recommended apps can be published to employees.

"BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 brings some important technology, cost, and operational improvements to existing BlackBerry customers," said Nick McQuire, research director for mobile enterprise strategies EMEA at IDC. "We believe RIM is poised to capitalize on its strong history in delivering reliable, scalable, and secure mobile enterprise management solutions to help organizations address an increasingly diverse mobile environment."

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