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ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2010 v3

ComponentOne has released Studio Enterprise 2010 v3, a complete suite of custom controls for Windows, Web, and mobile application development. This is the company’s third release of 2010, focusing heavily on reporting, giving developers the ability to easily add preview, print, and exporting functionality to their applications.

Greg Lutz, product manager at ComponentOne said that the Microsoft Silverlight platform controls inside Studio Enterprise now have a ReportViewer to display HTML and PDF-based reports from virtually any report generator including SQL Server Reporting Services, Active Reports, Crystal, C1Reports, or any other report provider capable of generating HTML or PDF output.

“The new ReportViewer control supports printing, paging, and other features, offering developers an all-inclusive solution that is exclusive to ComponentOne,” said Lutz. In addition to the ReportViewer, ComponentOne also added a highly-requested PdfViewer control for Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). This lightweight control allows developers to view and export PDFs in and out of the browser.

“ComponentOne’s C1Report control ... allows developers to customize and deploy their reports in a unique environment,” said Steve Sklepowich, director of partner marketing for developer platform & tools at Microsoft.“By supporting the new SSRS reporting model, such as RDL report definitions, ComponentOne has given our developers a way to integrate existing reports and create new reports using the C1RdlReport component.”

Scheduler grouping is also added in this release. The ComponentOne scheduler controls for Silverlight and WPF now allow developers to add grouping by resources, categories, and contacts. The end result is a multi-column layout for scheduling appointments across multiple entities.

While the company added enhancements to many of the seven platforms inside of Studio Enterprise, which spans Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, Mobile, and ActiveX, a few additions stand out. This includes the new Microsoft Office 2010 Visual Styles and ComponentOne ClearStyle technology in more controls. ClearStyle allows a Silverlight or WPF developer to quickly create a custom style for a control without the hassle of XAML templates and style resources. More key enhancements include native Silverlight 4 printing support, header and cell merging, built-in Excel and printing support, and a number of samples for the DataGrid and FlexGrid controls.

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