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Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010

The Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010, being held in and around Amsterdam this week, is featuring extensive demonstrations of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies and applications. The Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems (CVIS) Project is one of Europe's flagship projects for cooperative mobility, providing a universal platform for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication and services. Cosponsored by the EU's Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, CVIS brings together over 60 leading industrial, government, operator and research organisations from across Europe.

A key achievement of CVIS is its flexible and open implementation platform and accompanying development tools. Using this universal solution, anyone can develop and market a CVIS compatible application, allowing for truly innovative products and services. CVIS demonstrates in Amsterdam an "ITS App Store" with over 25 applications and services for the driver, for road operators and traffic managers, and for commercial vehicle operators.

Visitors to Amsterdam can take a ride in one of the fleet of demonstration minivans, to experience applications such as "virtual VMS," or traffic sign messages on the dashboard; online parking space availability and reservation; wrong-way driver detection and warning; green light speed advice; and social networking for drivers and ride-share passengers.

CVIS Coordinator Paul Kompfner said, "Our goal was ambitious: to prepare the foundations for a safer, more efficient, and sustainable mobility, enabled by innovative solutions for vehicle-infrastructure communication and cooperation. We hope visitors will come away from the Showcase with their own vision of how we can achieve a better future in the transport and travel domain, and with the intention to work together to realize that vision."

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