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Developers To Get Ice Cream Sandwich By Fall 2011

Developers have been eagerly awaiting the next major version of the Android mobile operating system since Google's former CEO Eric Schmidt first made mention of it back in May of this year. Dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich, the next iteration of Android is thought to be slated for arrival sometime this October or November.

Mobile focused programmers looking to ready themselves for the forthcoming launch have arguably few resources to research the next OS on at this stage. It is thought that Ice Cream Sandwich will coalesce Google's tablet and phone interfaces to produce what is (in its combined form) a more unified platform and developer offering all round.

Although defined as an "open" open source platform, Google's next OS is (perhaps frustratingly for many) being developed behind closed doors with no public roadmap on show. While some screenshots of the new GUI have leaked out, programmers will have something of a race if they are to get apps to market before this year's holiday season hits full pace.

While rumors circulate around the development of a new smartphone from Google itself, developers who join the queue for Ice Cream Sandwich will be watching the development of Apple's imminent iPhone5 to try and gauge the forthcoming market for next-generation apps on both platforms.

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