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Developers Urged To Ready Apps for iOS 4.3 Beta

Apple has released the iOS 4.3 beta and SDK beta 3 for its iOS mobile device operating system. Available through the company's iOS Dev Center, this release sits alongside Apple's developer resources on this programming portal, which also includes getting-started videos, coding how-to's, and sample code. Each release of iOS typically brings with it a hint of features soon to be found in Apple's upcoming product releases. The new OS itself promises the ability to stream live video to Apple TV using AirPlay, as well as iAd full-screen banners and HTTP Live Streaming statistics.

Initial reports have suggested that iOS 4.3 will brings four and five finger gesture recognition to the iPad, but early video demos appear to show that this will mean more of a "swipe of the complete hand" rather than anything more complex and multiuser based — although a new "pinch to select Home Screen" option will no doubt be appealing for many users.

While Apple's AirPlay exists to stream video from an app to a widescreen TV using new Media Player APIs, latest developments with AirPlay are said to now embrace video streaming from third party applications for iOS 4.3. There is also a personal hotspot feature for attention grabbing full screen iAd banners on the iPad. Apple wants to give developers the option to provide what it calls an "immersive and interactive iAd experience," with developers themselves creaming 60% of the advertising revenue collected.

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