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Do You Feel Mobile-Empowered Yet?

Infragistics is a company that likes to keep reinventing itself. It used to talk primarily about its presentation layer framework and today denotes itself as an enterprise "mobility empowerment" company, whatever that marketing-driven spin is supposed to mean.

What the company may perhaps be eluding to is its business intelligence and collaboration software products, ReportPlus and SharePlus — both of which are now combined into the firm's new Infragistics Enterprise Mobility Suite.

The Enterprise Mobility Suite allows users to annotate as they "collaborate and share" (if sharing is in fact different from collaboration) on documents and enterprise data without needing technical expertise or heavy IT processes.

Users can access and create dashboards for social data, CRM, analytics, enterprise databases, and cloud storage solutions like Salesforce, Twitter, Dropbox, OLAP, SQL, SharePoint and Google Analytics.

The firm's Dave Mendlen says ReportPlus helps users shift from data to insights while mobile by making it simple to create mobile business intelligence dashboards that are visually compelling.

"Users can find the information they need in SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, or virtually any other data source and connect the data to insights behind the numbers. For example, they can view sales trends by time frames or geographic regions," he said.

Both solutions are available in iOS and Android versions and provide the consumer-like experience that enterprise employees have come to expect.

The other member of the suite, SharePlus — the universal mobile interface for SharePoint and mobile client for Office 365 — simplifies and enriches mobile collaboration. It enables users to sync SharePoint and all documents, providing access to all files via iPhones, iPads and Android devices even when connectivity isn’t available. They can securely share data insights with their teams with SharePoint support.

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