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DragonRAD Fires Up Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Seregon Solutions has opened the doors on a free download version of its DragonRAD cross-platform mobile development tool just a month after starting a beta program for this its version 4.0 release.

Vying to create a niche for its tool, Seregon says that DragonRAD is a route to accelerated mobile application development with simplified integration to back-office systems for enterprise applications across a BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile device.

The free version of DragonRAD is fully featured and allows the development and testing of an unlimited number of applications but is limited for deployment to only two users.

The company says that DragonRAD 4.0 is an evolution of its previous SeregonMAP, a visual drag-and-drop tool that was built to give enterprise application developers power to connect to databases and web services.

"With DragonRAD, developers build complex mobile applications in a fraction of the time of traditional development, and deploy them -- royalty free -- to an unlimited number of users," says Seregon.

A Frost and Sullivan survey of 300 North American companies has revealed that issues surrounding upfront costs continue to be cited as the key barrier to adoption for mobile enterprise applications. The cost to build custom mobile applications that integrate with current back-office systems has traditionally been unaffordable for most companies.

Seregon says that DragonRAD helps to reduce this upfront cost with its rapid application development environment, ease of integration and synchronization of backend systems and cross-platform support.

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