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Hibernation Is Over, SmartBear Is On The Hunt

SmartBear Software has announced new versions of QAComplete and TestComplete for collaboration across software testing groups. The new product has enhanced its mobile and desktop testing capabilities by providing support for PhoneGap, iOS 8, and Chromium Embedded Framework.

The company suggests that releasing software on tight schedules is leading to the "elimination of traditional divisions" that segregated different software teams.

A recent Forrester Research report captures the software application developer collaboration across groups trend by stating that the walls between development, operations, and the business are coming down, ushering in a new age of collaboration.

As obvious, analyst-level, and slightly contrived as the above statement may sound, the fact is that running test cases and maintaining delivery quality is no longer the responsibility of testers alone but rather a joint effort among testers, developers, and even business analysts.

There are more home truths to embrace here — let us consider the fact that despite the need to collaborate, these groups often end up using different testing tools for running, analysing, and managing manual and automated tests. As a result, basic tasks like tracking product readiness and ensuring test coverage can be difficult to complete, thereby lengthening the application time to market.

"With QAComplete 9.9 and TestComplete 10.4 integration, SmartBear has focused on helping organizations break silos and achieve testing agility. With a single interface for test orchestration, QAComplete 9.9 provides stakeholders a collaborative testing environment with full visibility across the test cases associated with a release. Team members can not only collaborate on the design and planning of the tests, but also schedule automated and manual tests for different environments. Additionally, the reporting capability of QAComplete delivers a full view of all tests run across multiple platforms in one easy-to-use interface," said Rich Caplow, SVP product commercialization at SmartBear.

TestComplete 10.4 contains additional platform support for standards such as HTML 5, Cordova, PhoneGap, Chromium Embedded Framework, and iOS 8.

Caplow continues, "TestComplete 10.4 ensures organizations can automate tests for new development offerings in the mobile, web, and desktop sector from day one. Additionally, QAComplete 9.9 provides a comprehensive view of each release, right from planning to execution in one interface. A better partnership across different groups and across platforms is achieved as a result of these developments, helping companies to achieve faster time to market."

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