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How Do We Stay Responsive Across Multichannel?

Telerik has updated its DevCraft development suite with a focus on UI, mobile, data, reporting, and productivity enhancements for the .NET platform. This software offers design, map reporting, and document processing — it edges towards what the industry is labeling as responsive design.

According to Gartner, Responsive Design (notice the CAPS) is rapidly gaining popularity among developers, driven in part by multichannel development to address mobile web and app requirements along with traditional websites, in a unified approach.

Vassil Terziev, cofounder and CEO, Telerik has highlighted his firm's milestone as the first to introduce a server-side responsive layout framework and adaptive UI capabilities for ASP.NET AJAX, embracing what he calls the "emerging shift" in mobile and web development.

"Telerik is also expanding its adaptive screen capabilities with new mapping functionality in Telerik Reporting. The new Map Report offers developers the ability to add geolocation to reports, which can be viewed on any device as well as plot 2D data charts to provide richer geographical context to users," said Terziev.

The firm now offers offline data storage in Telerik UI for Windows Phone so developers can access key application data when offline, without sacrificing device memory.

Also new with this release is the instrumentation of UI for WinForms with Telerik Analytics, which enables developers to use important data such as application interactions, crash reports, and feature usage.

According to Telerik, "Productivity
Profiling is considered a time-consuming task and is typically left until post-deployment. With this DevCraft release, Telerik offers native profiling functionality for the first time through JustTrace, providing users with the ability to profile any native application written in C++. In addition, all Windows 8 app developers can benefit from Telerik JustMock and its lite and elevated mocking in WinRT, making the process of .NET mocking and unit testing easier."

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